Friday, January 15, 2010

Colorado Authors -- New and Coming Soon


Laura E. Reeve, science fiction and fantasy
Read more about Laura and her books at

Vigilante (October, 2009)

"The newly opened solar system G-145 promises peace for Ariane: respite from memories of her past, including her last reserve assignment for the Directorate of Intelligence. Her hopes plummet when her enemy Terran State Prince Parmet arrives, her employer Matt assigns her to manage disorganized contractors, and the Directorate insists upon playing its games."

Cindi Myers, romance

Her Christmas Wish (December, 2009)

"Alina Allinova is spending the holidays a long way from her native Croatia. Participating in a medical exchange program in Gunnison, Colorado, Alina meets paramedic Eric Sepulveda. The two quickly fall for each other, but Eric plans to leave for medical school soon and Alina's visa expires in January. No only that, but their families don't approve of a couple from two such different backgrounds marrying. Is love enough to conquer all these difficulties? Will Alina get her Christmas Wish to live happily ever after with Eric?"


Hester (historical fiction) by Paula Reed (February 2010)

Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop Mysteries) by Lila Dare (May 2010)


Marvin D Wilson said...

They both sound very interesting. You know, this is a nice service you provide - tauting new book releases by other author in your own state. I hope author peeps out there recognize and appreciate what you do - it's very unselfish and thoughtful.

The Old Silly

Kay Theodoratus said...

Agree. It's nice to know when Colorado writers get published.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

As I've noted before, something in the air or water there that produces such fine writers...and so many of them.

Best Wishes Galen.
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Marvin -- The ones who know are very appreciative. They often find the post through their Google alerts and then drop by later and leave a comment. I don't ask permission ahead of time to post their book information and links, so some don't ever find out I've done it. I can't imagine an author who would object, though, can you?

Hi Kay -- Seems as though we have a lot of fantasy and scifi authors in Colorado too. I hope I get to post your publication news one of these days.

Galen -- Maybe it's because we have so many great writing organizations and conferences here. Pikes Peak Writers in Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in Denver, Northern Colorado Writers in Fort Collins. And there are others as well.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Oh my goodness! "Tressed to Kill." I'll have to check that one out. Too funny!

Mystery Writing is Murder
Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

Jemi Fraser said...

They sound like good books! Thanks for the links :)

Mason Canyon said...

Thanks for sharing such wonderful authors and their links.

Laura E. Reeve said...

Hi Patricia,

Many thanks for featuring my SF book. Yes, Google Alerts are a wonderful tool because they lead me to blogs, like yours, that I don't think I would have found on my own. Good luck with your mystery novels!

Laura, from Monument, CO

Patricia Stoltey said...

Elizabeth -- I liked that title too. The idea of Southern beauty shop mysteries makes me chuckle, so I'm looking forward to a fun read.

Jemi and Mason -- the search for new Colorado authors to talk about is certainly fun. Every time I think I've run out, I find more.

Hi Laura -- thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the good wishes. Google Alerts are all good -- writers should set alerts for their names and book titles as soon as their books are scheduled for publication. A tip: use quotation marks around your name and book titles to limit search results that are not relevant.