Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I Won a Book!

Would you believe it? In spite of my blahness, I won a copy of Kelli Stanley's new release, City of Dragons, at Kelli's debut novel, Nox Dormienda, was released by Five Star in 2008 and has been awesomely successful. In addition to great reviews and good sales, Nox Dormienda was nominated for a Macavity Award and won the Bruce Alexander Award for best historical mystery. Kelli's new release is from St. Martin's Press. Her blog is called Writing in the Dark.

My Second Mystery/Thriller Book Giveaway

You still have plenty of time to enter my second mystery/thriller book giveaway. The deadline is February 20th. The list of books I'm giving away and the entry rules are in my February 7th post.

Coming Attractions

Tomorrow I'm posting an interview with Shannon Baker, author of Ashes of the Red Heifer.

Monday's post is an interview with Paula Reed, author of the upcoming release of her historical novel, Hester.

Be sure to drop by for some insights into the writing lives of these two interesting ladies and learn a bit about their paths to publication.


Ann said...

Congratulations! A silver lining to banish those blahs!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I won a book on a blog once and I was so excited. Congrats!!!

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats - it's so exciting to win things - especially books :)

Kay said...

Hope you enjoy reading it. It sounds worth winning.

Michele Emrath said...

Congrats! That'll shake off the malaise (I love that word)! Let us know how the book turns out...I mean if it's any good--not the ending! And what a great lineup you have coming.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

You ARE a winner, Patricia!

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