Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here Comes the Snow...Again

Another spring snow is on its way, so the buckets and pots are in place over my daffodils. The low gray clouds edged over the first line of hills this morning so I couldn't see the hilltops. Now the gray is everywhere, a steady drizzle hinting at the amount of snow we may get later this afternoon.

The next two days will be great days to stay home and watch the weather through the window.

I'm working my shift at the Northern Colorado Writers studio today. Just glanced up and found the rain has turned to snow. Big fat flakes. Sigh. Good thing I covered those spindly daffodils.

Since I had an eye appointment this morning and came away with dilated pupils, I'm finding the computer screen a bit of a strain. As a result, I'm going to offer up the links to three entertaining blog posts and then give up the computer for a couple of hours.

I enjoyed "You Might Just Be a Writer if ..." at Elspeth Antonelli's It's a Mystery.

"The (Monkey) Business of Publishing" by Barbara Poelle at Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room. (via Janet Reid's blog).

And Cricket McRae is guest blogging today at Meritorious Mysteries. Cricket writes the excellent Sophie Mae Reynolds home crafting mystery series (Lye in Wait, Heaven Preserve Us, Spin a Wicked Web). The latest book in the series, Something Borrowed, Something Bleu, is scheduled for release in July.

Okay, time to rest my eyes and watch the snow fall. It's beginning to stick on the cars so it looks like I'll have some brushing to do before I drive home. Springtime in Colorado. Another sigh.


Ann Elle Altman said...

I liked Elspeth's blog post too. I will check out the other links. Thanks.


Terry Odell said...

Hasn't started here, but we're watching. Could get over a foot. And yesterday it was so warm! We have no garden since we're renting, but even in Florida, we'd have unusual weather snaps that would confuse the heck out of our garden.

Karen Walker said...

Enjoy the peace that comes from watching it snow, Patricia. And thanks for your comment on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

I almost cried when I looked out my window last night. Thankfully the sun is out today!

Anonymous said...

Our temps are expected to drop and we're to have heavy skies, but no snow. I think it will just be the top of your storm cell as it works it's way under us.

I love the sound of your daffodils. They are my favorite spring flower. I heart daffodil days for the Cancer Society and just bought five bundles for my daughter's confirmation this weekend. I would love to have them in my own yard, but as of yet, I don't have a decent bed for them...

Enjoy your spring flurries!

Patricia Stoltey said...

It was a gorgeous heavy snow, probably 9 inches in our yard. I think it destroyed the bush by our gate, but I was going to have the ugly bush removed anyway. Now I have a little extra incentive. The sun is powerful today, so the snow is quickly dropping off the trees. I'm going to uncover my daffodils and let them enjoy the afternoon sun.