Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Raquel Byrnes, one of the new blogger friends I made during the April A to Z Blog Challenge, tagged me in her May 4th blog post.

For a "Tag" you answer 5 questions 5 times to share a bit about yourself. I'm not sure my answers are going to be as interesting as Raquel's, but I'll give it my best shot.

Question 1 - Where were you five years ago?

1. Living with hubby in the same house in Northern Colorado that we live in now.
2. Revising my first mystery manuscript (again) so I could pitch it to an agent at a fall writers' conference.
3. Celebrating my 63rd birthday (yep, I'm a Taurus).
4. Working on a historical novel manuscript that I couldn't decide whether to make women's fiction or a mystery.
5. Getting ready to accompany hubby on trips to two of his bridge tournaments (back-to-back), one in Casper, Wyoming and one in Colorado Springs, CO.

Question 2 - Where would you like to be in five years?

1. Living in Northern Colorado (but I'd love to redecorate the current house or move to a smaller, newer house)
2. Thinner
3. Celebrating the sale of my ninth novel. (It's good to dream big.)
4. Packing for a trip to the south of France.
5. Richer

Question 3 - What is on your to-do list today?

1. Write two blog posts
2. Work on the manuscript I'm critiquing for a writer who won the critique in a silent auction
3. Cut up a bunch of cardboard boxes (in the garage) for the recycle bin
4. Schedule a trip to Illinois to see my mom
5. Get the car washed

Question 4 - What snacks do you enjoy?

1. Triscuits and cheddar cheese
2. Lindt 85% cocoa extra dark chocolate
3. Popcorn popped in olive oil
4. Frozen blueberries and yogurt (esp. Greek yogurt) sprinkled with a crunchy granola
5. Homemade frozen yogurt with dark sweet cherry chunks

Question 5 - What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Travel to every single place I've ever wanted to go, and I have a long list
2. Help our grown kids and other relatives and friends fulfill their special dreams
3. Employ a full-time housekeeper and cook
4. Buy a new car (but still keep the old one that we love) and a new house.
5. A billion dollars is a lot of money, and I kind of like my life the way it is. I would create a charitable foundation with the remaining funds.

Now I get to tag five other bloggers I admire. I choose:

1. Beth Groundwater -- I admire Beth for her outstanding promotional efforts and her initiative, and for having the good sense not to post to her blog every day. She did an intense blog book tour when her second mystery was published, however, that sets a wonderful example for all writer-bloggers.
2. Barbara Scully at From My Kitchen Table
3. Cricket McRae at Hearth Cricket
4. Donna Volkennant at Donna's Book Pub
5. Megan DiMaria at A Prisoner of Hope

Now I'm off to get the car washed. The To Do List rules.


Elspeth Antonelli said...

These are great! I love this list that seems to be flying about - I've learned so much more about some of my favourite bloggers. And I'm with you about the South of France, the travel and the housekeeper and cook.

Anonymous said...

I love reading these lists and learning more about you :)

Megan DiMaria said...

Good blog, and thanks for the tag. I'm hung up on question # 3. I've got an out-of-control to-do list right now, so I've saved the questions and will post them on my blog in a bit.

I'm completing a lesson I'll give at a workshop next week at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, editing my novel, writing a screenplay, and beginning another novel. Just listing all that makes my pulse skitter.

Have a great day!

~Megan DiMaria
A prisoner of hope


I've been tagged also Particia, my answers wasn't very interesting . Enjoyed reading yours.


Clarissa Draper said...

Love your list. I will check out those links.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Great lists! And now you've made me want frozen blueberries and yogurt...

Mystery Writing is Murder

Carol Kilgore said...

What fun! I love learning more about people.

Karen Walker said...

Love learning new things about you. We're both Taurus and close in age as well.

Ann said...

Congrats on the awards Patricia. Enjoyed reading the answers to your five questions. Ninth novel, I am sure you will get there.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Kay said...

How do you get olive oil hot enough to pop corn?

irishoma said...

Hi Patricia,
What great answers, and thanks for tagging me. Now I need to do some serious thinking and come up with answers so I can post them on my blog.

Ann Best said...

Your responses helped me see you more clearly. I'm put off by a blog where there's no photo and very little personal information. I keep coming back to yours!! (I love corn popped in olive oil, too. Must put that on my list.)

Amy Tate said...

I need to wash my car too. Trouble is, we live off a dirt road so the wash job won't last long. Now I'm off to visit some of your blog winners!

Mason Canyon said...

Always interesting to learn more about you. Also looking forward to checking out some new blogs you listed.

Thoughts in Progress

Grammy said...

Hey, Patricia,
I enjoyed reading your answers to questions. I just answered the same ones on my blog today. Hope you enjoy reading mine as much as I did yours. I will no doubt check out some of those blogs you tagged. Ruby

Jemi Fraser said...

Great answers - I love all of your favourite snacks. Well I've never made homemade yogurt, but it sounds like something I'd love :)

Ellie said...

Another Taurus, we almost picked the same 5 snacks, I almost put cheese n' crackers...funny!
Happy Birthday; Mine is sometimes on Mother's Day.

I missed visiting you during the A-Z blogging, but I will visit you now! Sorry, there was so many! I look forward to getting to know you better. Congrats on crossing the finish line!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Was great getting to know you better.
Isn't it strange, we all wish we were richer than we were, but when we are given a billion to do what we want with it, we end up spending not very much on ourselves. Guess we are the lucky ones.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

And there is something for you on my blog.

Cricket McRae said...

Great to see your answers, Pat! And thanks for the tag. I'll put my answers on my blog on Monday.

Barbara Scully said...

Hi Patricia - thanks for tagging me in this. I love the questions and your answers... might borrow the cook and housekeeper one also!