Monday, May 17, 2010

Passing on the Sunshine Award

Blogger friend Rayna M. Iyer at Coffee Rings Everywhere was kind enough to bestow not one, but two awards on my blog this month. I think most of my followers already know and love Rayna, her photos, and her wonderful posts, but if you haven't been there, I urge you to visit her often.

The first award was the "From Me to You (Picasso) Award" which Rayna passed on to several bloggers "who touch the heart with the visual images they create." I'm going to wait until Wednesday to pass on this award so I can keep today's post from growing into a monster. The first rule of blogging is not to drive our readers crazy with posts that ramble on forever.

The second award was the Sunshine Award. Rayna declared that all of her followers are her sunshine. I feel the same about everyone who drops by this blog, especially those who leave comments. You know who you are.

One of the hardest parts about receiving awards is deciding who to pass them on to when your Google Reader, and even your blogrolls, are packed with wonderful blogs hosted by interesting and clever men and women who deserve all the support we can give them. Rayna and others before her sent the award to twelve blogging friends. I'm going to trim it down a bit, in spite of my inclination to make the list even longer. I've selected the following five bloggers to receive the Sunshine Award:

Helen Ginger at Straight From Hel -- Helen provides a lot of helpful information to writers, mixed with good advice and moral support.

Elspeth Antonelli at It's a Mystery -- Elspeth inspires me and makes me laugh, an irrestible combination.

Terry Odell at Terry's Place -- Whether she's writing about writing or her cross-country move from semi-tropical Florida to a snowy Colorado spring, Terry's posts are always entertaining. And she graciously hosts guest bloggers, too.

Amy Kathleen Ryan at Amy's Blog -- Amy is a Colorado YA author and is just returning to blogger world after a long hiatus. I'm sending her a little sunshine to encourage her and to draw more attention to her new release for older teens, Zen and Xander.

Barbara Scully at From My Kitchen Table -- Barbara writes from Ireland, and I like to imagine an Irish lilt as I read her posts.

As I see it, the primary reason for the award process is to introduce more blogs to your readers, encourage new bloggers, show your appreciation for the blogs your enjoy, and advertise the fact that others think your blog is pretty special. However, I attach no obligations when I send awards on to others.


Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your awards, well deserved. Thanks for a couple of new blogs to check out. It's always fun to find new links.

Thoughts in Progress

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Congrats on the awards and thanks for more blog links to put in my Google Reader!

Mystery Writing is Murder


Congratulations on your awards Patricia,well deserved. Hope all is well it seems an age since our birthdays but it's only a week.

Take care.


Karen Walker said...

Congratulations, Patricia, and to the rest of you.

Talli Roland said...

Congrats on the awards!

And thank you for your feedback on my book cover. Much appreciated!

Clarissa Draper said...

Congrats on the award and I know that Rayna is one of my daily stops.


Elspeth Antonelli said...

Thanks so much for passing this award on to me - I'm honoured. I'm glad to know I can make you laugh. I'm not so sure how I inspire you, but I'm grateful for the compliment! I'll be sure to check out the links.

Ann Best said...

Congratulations from me, too. And thanks for the links.

I'm with you about not wanting to read rambling posts, and especially not wanting to try to read posts that are set against some weird eye-straining background. Right on.

Barbara Scully said...

Thanks a million Patricia... I am also honoured to be given this award from you! I shall proudly display it on My Kitchen Table here in the suburbs of Dublin!!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Congratulations on your much deserved award. Now I'm looking forward to checking out a couple of new to me blogs.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the awards :) It is so hard to pick and choose isn't it? Yet it's always nice to meet new people through the process!

Julie Musil said...

Patricia, thanks for passing along those excellent blogs. I'll drop by each one!

Helen Ginger said...

Thank you Patricia. This sunshine award is much needed today as I'm stuck in a hotel with really bad Internet service. So I very much appreciate it. I may just give it right back to you!

Straight From Hel

Julie Musil said...

I checked out the blogs you mentioned. They're all great, and I'm not a follower of each one!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your idea of a pad and pencil in every room. I think I'll do that too!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on your wonderful awards. You are truly an inspiration to us bloggers and writers.

I also wanted to pop in to make sure the Colorado shooting was not in your vicinity. Tragedies send out ripples and can affect us in ways we don't know will happen. Hopefully all is fine in your neck of the woods.