Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Scramble

Thursday's Guest Blogger

Colorado author Lynda Hilburn will be here tomorrow! Her vampire series has just been released in the U.K. so we're all celebrating her exciting news. I read The Vampire Shrink when it first came out in the U.S. so I can say with authority that if you like super sexy vampire love stories, you'll really like this novel.

Cat Bite

Katie Kitten bit me so hard on the back of the hand on Monday that I had to visit the doctor and get an antibiotic. Since I've had little cat bites and scratches before with no problem, I was surprised to learn that cat bites can be very dangerous. Mine, of course, was a puncture wound, the worst kind. And since it's on the non-meaty side of my hand, it hurts like the devil.

It seems that Katie doesn't like being waked up from a very sound sleep by me attempting to remove her from my lap. I'll go about this a little more carefully in the future.

Speaking of cats, have you ever watched the Mean Kitty videos on You Tube? Try The Mean Kitty Song.

Making Wine

My grapes are ready to pick. I plan to make wine this year. I have Concord grapes, so my wine always tastes like Welch's grape juice. I'm thinking of mixing in another fruit, just for fun. Any suggestions?

What I'm Reading

I'm down to the last few pages of The Ledge, a mountain climbing story that terrifies and inspires. When Jim Davidson and his climbing partner Mike Price were coming down from Mount Ranier, they slipped into a huge crevasse and landed on a tiny ledge part way down. Mike did not survive the fall. The story of Jim's struggle to climb the crevasse wall is nothing short of astounding. The will to live, the strength we can call on when faced with disaster, and the horror of survivor's guilt make this a gripping memoir written by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan. Highly recommended.

I don't know which book from my stacks and shelves I'll read next. So many books, so little time.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Sorry to hear about your bite wound; I hope it heals quickly.

I'm so excited for you that you're planning to make some wine. I've never tried that before, and I'll be really excited to hear how it all turns out.

...and thanks for the reminder that Lynda Hilburn will be guesting for you tomorrow - I'll look forward to her post.

Kathryn Elliott said...

Wow! Note to self, let sleeping cats snooze. And wine making? You certainly are a versatile woman, Patricia! Will you be implementing the Lucy & Ethel grape stomping approach? I think that screams for pictures. 

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I want to hear about the wine-making! Sorry about the bite, that sounds nasty.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot -- the time I made wine by myself, I used a big old crockery bowl and put a large plate on top to contain the fermentation odor. The second time, I took my grapes to a local wine-maker (Vintages) who made the wine -- then I got to go in and bottle it myself. That was less mess, but more expensive.

Hi Kathryn -- I've given serious thought to the Lucy & Ethel method of smushing the grapes, but so far have only used a hand potato masher. I'm pretty adventurous never know what I'm going to do next.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Elspeth, the bite is looking better today, not quite so swollen and red. I guess this antibiotic the doc prescribed is pretty strong stuff. I really had no idea cat bites could be this dangerous.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry Katie had a kitten spaz attack on your hand. And what do they normally mix with grape juice? Cranberries?

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hmmm. Cranberries is an interesting idea. I was also thinking raspberries might be good.

A friend of mine from Indiana is making blueberry/elderberry wine this year which sounds kinda tasty.

The Daring Novelist said...

I don't know from wine, but apples are known to make a great wine (and brandy) and apple juice certainly goes well with grape juice. Would there be a problem with adding something more acidic? Like citrus, or even pineapple?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

A friend's cat bit her at the vet and she passed out!! Cat bites can be very dangerous.
Apple wine! My uncle used to make the best apple wine.

Dean K Miller said...

Sounds like Katie Kitten needs a time out, and not where there's warm sunshine, cozy laps, or tasty food! Grumpasorous' not allowed!

I like the pineapple idea for the wine. That could be tasty.

The Ledge was great, and the author meeting at NCW last night was awesome. I got the book signed for my friend who is a climber. All three of the guests were great.

I am promising myself to read some each day...Liked your Yellow Scarf short story from 2005.

Heal well.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Camille, pineapple is a very interesting idea. I'll check with my more experienced winemaker friends and see if they think it would work.

Apple would be good, Diane, except I can't eat apples or apple cider or anything with apples or apple juice in it. It's awful, because I used to like nothing better than that awesome unprocessed apple cider we'd buy in southern Indiana.

Hi Dean -- You're right about giving Katie Kitten a time out. I'm learning, though, that she actually ceases and desists when I hiss at her. I guess I'm learning cat talk.

Thanks for your kind words about "The Yellow Scarf." Most of my short stories are in a file box of unpublished (actually unsubmitted) works, along with all my bad poetry.