Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Potpourri

Thursday's Guest

I have the bestest surprise ever for tomorrow. My guest blogger is Attorney Susan Spann, who also writes historical novels. Her excellent post is called Lurkers in the Weeds: Three Contract Dangers Every Writer Should Recognize. You'll also get the link to her informative blog and to her Twitter account where she tweets about publishing law.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012

The last time I checked (yesterday about noon Mountain Time), there were already 520 bloggers signed up for the A to Z Challenge. Won't you join us? The sign-up page is at the official A to Z Challenge blog.

This Week's Best Blog Post for Writers

I think Chuck Wendig's February 7th post at terribleminds is laugh-out-loud funny. 25 Reasons That Writers are Bug-Fuck Nuts explains a lot about why writers are so wacky, but if you're sensitive about language in title and content, please don't go there.

This Week's Best Blog Post for Readers

Author Amy Kathleen Ryan has a wonderful post called What if... (What if the princes from Cinderella and Snow White were the same guy?) that also made me laugh out loud. This one is cleared for young adult reading.

Teresa Funke's New Book

Colorado author Teresa Funke writes about World War II, and most of her books are for young folks. Her new release, Wave Me Good-bye, is available at many online booksellers. If you're on Facebook, would you drop by and "Like" the Teresa Funke & Company page? There you'll find the link to Goodreads where Teresa is giving away five copies of Wave Me Good-bye. The deadline to enter is Friday, February 10th.

A tiny teaser about Wave Me Good-bye, which is based on a true story of World War II:

As the only Jewish girl in her New York neighborhood, thirteen-year-old Miriam Liebler has a lot on her mind. World War II is raging, and her brother will soon pack his bags to join the fight. Blackouts and air-raid drills punctuate her daily life. Worse yet, her family has heard nothing from their Jewish relatives in Europe since before the war started, and Miriam fears the worst. Her friends don’t understand her worries—until she meets Christopher Richards, an orphaned English boy whisked to America to escape the deadly bombings of London.

Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell

Writer friend Kenneth W. Harmon has launched his website, Ghost Under Foot, to promote his upcoming book release. Actually, I think the Kindle edition can be downloaded now, but the print version is scheduled for March 1st and can be pre-ordered at most online booksellers and at publisher Llewellyn Worldwide.

There is a video on the website. It's 37 minutes long, but if you're into ghosts and orbs and creepy incidents, you should check it out. You can also visit Ken's book page on Facebook.

What I'm Reading

Joy Writing by Kenn Amdahl. I'll be reviewing this one when I finish, but I'm going to take my time reading it. There's a lot of good stuff in this book.

Northern Colorado Writers Conference

This conference is scheduled for March 30-31 at the Hilton (near the Colorado State University campus) in Fort Collins, Colorado. For information on workshop sessions and faculty, agents and editors attending, and how to register, visit the 2012 conference page at the Northern Colorado Writers website.

What's On My Writerly Agenda?

Revisions on two manuscripts
Lots more blog posts
Joining Goodreads
Finishing the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel
Working on my website (or maybe creating a new website from scratch--decisions, decisions)
Reading lots more books
Reading lots more blogs
And so it goes...


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Oh, I am looking forward to Susan's visit tomorrow. Thanks! Also, thanks for those reading and writing post links. I can use a couple of good laughs :-).

I'm glad you're making progress on your writing - good for you!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Looking forward to Susan's visit tomorrow and GRACIOUS, you have a lot on your plate! Don't forget the side plate for chocolate.

Dean K Miller said...

Comforted only slightly more by chocolate than seeing someone else who's plate is as full, or even spilling over, more than mine.

If I could just get rid of this pesky 9-5 thing.....

Looking forward to more, still going to get to yesterdays!

thanks Pat!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot and Elspeth -- The only thing that would be better than reading Susan's post tomorrow is talking to her in person. She's a gem.

Dean -- getting rid of my 9-5 thing made me lazy, at least at first. Now I work even longer hours than I did before (but it's lots more fun).

Jan Morrison said...

This sounds great - I'll be checking back later! I'm also hopping around to some of the sites you mentioned. My I like a melange of goodies!

Arlee Bird said...

A to Z now pushing toward 600. Can we make 1000 by the end of February?
Thanks for the mention.

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