Monday, June 2, 2014

A Message from Katie Cat

Pat's too busy to play with me.

So she says.

Apparently she's too busy to write a real blog post, too.

She's full of excuses, but I know the truth. It's her turn to submit a couple of chapters to her critique group this week, and she hasn't written one single word since May 24th. I know this is true because I looked at her word count chart.

Shhhh. I'll tell you a secret. Pat procrastinates.


Margot Kinberg said...

Hello, Katie,
Please tell Pat I wish her well with her writing. And I won't say a word about what you've told us. :-)

Mason Canyon said...

Oh, Katie be patient with Pat. I'm sure she'll get her chapters done in plenty of time and then have lots of time to spend with you. BTW, you're becoming a lovely young lady.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks for not telling, Margot. She might not be happy with me.

I'm trying to be patient, Mason, but she could at least roll the ball across the floor a couple of times. Geesh! And thank you for the compliment. Purrrr! Looking at your photo, I see you're quite lovely, too.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Katie, Sometimes writing isn't words written. That is a tough concept for humans to understand so I think lots of cats, dogs and humans think writers aren't writing when they are doing other things. But when you are a writer - lots of writing gets done before you put a pen on the paper. Pat not having enough time to play with you is something I'd be sore about too. Bella (the dog who lives with me) sends you her love.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Jan. I finally convinced Pat to take me outside for a breath of fresh air. Now I can take my nap...on my favorite cushion which is on her computer chair. Hehe!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

The cat told on you. Pretty cat wouldn't lie.

katherinevaldez2012 said...

Katie Cat -- Shelley Widham's friend, Zoey the canine blogger, feels your pain. She often blogs about how Shelley doesn't give her enough attention when she's writing: Maybe you two should ask for a play date? Zoey loves cats. :-)

I can relate to Pat's procrastination, although I'm doing better this week/month since my self-imposed deadline is June 30 (to finish my novel draft.)

pam2spicy said...

Katie Cat--You are adorable. All you have to do is give Pat that look! And see what she does? She brings you another soft cushion. Taffy, Cookie, Moonbeam and Lily Lou play the same tricks. I'm running out of cushions.