Monday, November 9, 2009

Colorado Author -- Megan DiMaria

I met Megan DiMaria at Barnes & Noble Centerra in Loveland, Colorado. It was October 24th, the same day I signed with a group of mystery writers. Megan had been scheduled for the hours just prior to our appearance.

When we heard the announcements, and realized there was another author in the store, we hurried up to meet her before she could get away. As I heard about her books and listened to her pitch, I realized Megan was writing in a genre that I haven't covered much on this blog: Christian fiction. I am pleased to introduce her work to my readers, but must caution you mystery and thriller writers that you won't find any dead bodies, killers, or sleuths in Megan's work.

Suspense, on the other hand, is as necessary to a good romantic or general fiction novel as it is any other genre. The synopses for Megan's stories demonstrate that writing fact.

Searching for Spice (synopsis from

"Linda Revere longs to have a sizzling affair . . . with her husband, a practical, no-nonsense community college science teacher. Unfortunately, life isn't scripted, and nothing goes according to plan. From having a demanding boss, and at times a frustrating job, to helping her family and friends with their troubles, life seems to be preventing Linda from achieving her goal of an exciting and passionate marriage. Linda hopes God will answer her prayers to jazz up her marriage, but is she ready for what happens next?"

Out of Her Hands (synopsis from

"In this second novel, Linda Revere is back and continuing to struggle with the turmoil of contemporary life. Linda has been praying for her children's future spouses since they were very small. Confident that her prayers will be answered, Linda is not prepared for the young woman her son brings home. But Linda soon learns that while everything she once controlled is out of her hands, God is still in control. Megan uses her trademark humor while dealing with issues to which her readers will relate."

Megan is available for book club appearances. You may also visit her at her blog, A Prisoner of Hope.


Mason Canyon said...

Thanks Patricia for introducing a new author and a new genre for readers to check out. As a reader, it nice to take a break from mystery sometimes and these sound interesting.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I agree with Mason---I haven't read much Christian fic and it's great to discover more about a genre. Thanks for introducing us to Megan.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Megan DiMaria said...

Hi Patricia,

Thank you very much for featuring me on your blog today. What a very pleasant surprise.

Thanks for the kind comments, Mason and Elizabeth.

True, there are no dead bodies in these two books, but I hope to have one in the wip I'm currently writing. I'm doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge, trying to pound out 50,000 words in November. Wish me luck.

Have a fantastic week.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Megan -- Good for you in doing NaNoWriMo -- I decided to write along but not do it officially -- haven't made much progress though. I guess I need the pressure of signing up!

For any visitors that follow, I'll be away from my computer most of today so won't be checking in until this evening. Have a wonderday day!

Anonymous said...

I've read Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. Good stuff to say the least.

Stephen Tremp

N A Sharpe said...

Thanks for the intro to Megan, and, Megan best of luck with NaNo!

Nancy, from Realms of Thought…