Monday, November 2, 2009

Colorado Author New Releases

I have three new releases to report from Colorado authors:


Teresa Funke's 3rd book in the Home-Front Hero Series, V for Victory, was released in October.

Product Description from "Based on a true story in the summer of 1943... Twelve-year-old Miguel Montoya feels left behind. Everyone else in his large family is "doing his part" during World War II. His brother is flying dangerous missions over enemy territory, and his sister and aunt are home-front volunteers. Miguel offers to take their places in the family grocery store, only to be told he's not old enough to do anything more than sweep floors and keep an eye on his bothersome little nephew, Victor. So when the Empire Theatre announces a scrap metal contest to help the war effort, Miguel decides to win! As he and his best friend, Gary, scour their San Antonio neighborhood for old scrap, they keep one eye on the military planes that fill the skies and one eye out for bullies threatening to steal their stash. When Miguel befriends a wounded soldier, though, the realities of war hit home. And on the fateful day when his family needs him most, it is Miguel who must do his part to save his nephew."

Teresa is also performing her new one-woman show at the Bas Bleu theater this week in Fort Collins, CO, starring the women of Dancing in Combat Boots, tales of women during World War II.


The October release from Tom Piccirilli is Shadow Season. This book is an adult mystery.

Synopsis from "An ex-cop, Finn was left literally blinded by violence. The one thing he can still see is the body of his wife, Dani, and a crime scene that won’t fade from his mind’s eye. Now a professor, Finn never would have guessed that an isolated girls’ prep school could be every bit as dangerous as city streets. Especially when he stumbles upon a local girl lying in a graveyard in the middle of a raging blizzard.

Finn may live in a world of total darkness, but it’s about to get a splash of red. The memories that torment him still have the power to kill, and a group of innocent students has been put in harm’s way by a pair of vicious criminals stalking Finn for unknown reasons. Secrets are creeping from the shadows around him—the kind that even a man with perfect vision never sees until it’s too late. They’re about to become terrifyingly clear to Finn—and it all begins with the scent of blood."


The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau was released in October for the 10 and up age group.

From "Zeeta's life with her free-spirited mother, Layla, is anything but normal. Every year Layla picks another country she wants to live in. This summer they’re in Ecuador, and Zeeta is determined to convince her mother to settle down. Zeeta makes friends with vendors at the town market and begs them to think of upstanding, “normal” men to set up with Layla. There, Zeeta meets Wendell. She learns that he was born nearby, but adopted by an American family. His one wish is to find his birth parents, and Zeeta agrees to help him. But when Wendell’s biological father turns out to be involved in something very dangerous, Zeeta wonders whether she’ll ever get the chance to tell her mom how she really feels—or to enjoy her deepening feelings for Wendell."

Laura Reseau has two other books available which I highly recommend. I've read and given a signed copy of each to my grand-niece. The first is What the Moon Saw, and the second is Red Glass.

As we get closer and closer to the holiday shopping season, I would like to recommend giving books to your friends and relatives (especially the children) as gifts this year. I'll be listing lots more suggestions as the month goes on.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

More great suggestions, Patricia!

I'm interested in the premise behind the blind policeman. I'll have to look for it.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Anonymous said...

I just heard about Laura Resau this weekend, I'll have to check out her books.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part of this post is you're making my reading pile grow. The GOOD part is that I just had a xmas present idea. Thanks, Pat!