Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mix and Match

I haven't done the Mix and Match for a while, so here goes:

What I'm Reading:

In fiction, I just finished Free Agent by Jeremy Duns, a classic spy story by a debut novelist. I liked it a lot and am looking forward to the next book in the series which is scheduled for 2010.

Now I'm reading Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton, How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries by Lynn Emerson (which won the Agatha Award for Best Nonfiction of 2008), and Writing for the Web 3.0 by Crawford Kilian.

What I'm Thinking About:

How I wish each person who reads this blog today would enter a request to your library to order a copy of The Desert Hedge Murders, ISBN 978-1-59414-785-2. And if it's not too much trouble, would you ask one or more of your friends who live in different cities to do the same?

This Week's Quote:

"There are differences in culture, in law, in language, but at their most basic level, civilizations share one undeniable truth: the scream of a victim sounds the same the world over."
---------------Matt Hilton, Dead Men's Dust

A Recommended Blog:

Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room.: Mystery Publishing from Idea to Bookshelf.

Regular contributors are: Jeffrey Cohen, Barbara Poelle, Lynne Patrick, PJ Nunn, Alison Janssen, Robin Agnew, and Kim Malo. My editor, Denise Dietz is listed as designated contributor, and her husband, author and editor Gordon Aalborg, as guest contributor.

The Best Thing I Had to Eat This Week:

A big juicy beef and buffalo burger with extra sharp cheddar cheese. I also cut up two large white potatoes into chunks, coated them with a bit of olive oil, and baked them on a cookie sheet at 425 degrees. They brown quickly, so turn them once during baking. Better, healthier, and easier than french fries.


Karen Walker said...

I enjoy your mix and matches, patricia. And good for you for asking for what you want and need.

Marvin D Wilson said...

Nice menagerie post. And now I have a craving for a "A big juicy beef and buffalo burger with extra sharp cheddar cheese."

The Old Silly

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Thanks for the title of the spy novel! Spies fascinate me.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Nice mix!

I'm trying to request your book a second time from my library. Tough times and cut-backs, you know--they responded to me the first time about their budget crunch,etc.. I had the devil of a time getting them to stock mine! I thought libraries automatically ordered all Five Star's line. Keep your fingers crossed....

Mystery Writing is Murder

Anonymous said...

I've never eaten a buffulo burger but I have eaten an elk burger while in Colorado.

Stephen Tremp

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Interesting mix and match! Fun to read

Terry Odell said...

My library has your book, Patricia -- but if anyone wants to request mine (When Danger Calls), I'd really appreciate it. It's a very hard-to-find book. And if your library DOES carry it, I'd love to know.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hey, everyone, thanks for stopping by today while I was out running errands and attending my long Humana insurance update meeting.

Elizabeth, I get the same story when I request some books. I've found I have better luck when I request a book before its release. Once it's somewhere in my extended library exchange system, I don't have as much luck.

Terry, I'm requesting your book for the second time, but since it's available to me through the Aurora, CO library, I may not succeed. However, you might be interested to know that When Danger Calls is checked out in Aurora and there's also a hold on it.

Terry Odell said...

Patricia - thanks so much. And good to know people are looking for it. I'm not above checking my own book out of my library just to keep it on the radar. I've still got fingers crossed that the sequel will be picked up.

Brian, the old man said...

I will remember to ask the library for a copy of your book the next time I go. Thanks for sharing and I agree about the potatoes. That's just the way I like to cook them. Have a great weekend.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Welcome, Brian, it's good to see you here. Try the potato thing with chunks of sweet potato and winter squash. Really yummy!