Friday, December 4, 2009

I Don't Know What to Call This, But It's All Good

This is a random collection of recommended blogs, blog posts, and book news, just for you.

The blogs of wonderful friends who are quirky, fun, and interesting:

Kathleen, whose photos and videos are really special: Retired in the Rockies. Kathleen has recipes from time to time. The asparagus with gorgonzola sauce is one I'm going to try.

Kay, who posts Mutterings of a Wanna-be Writer. She's busy right now baking koulourakia and baklava while her fantasy novel ferments...

Blogs for readers and writers of crime fiction:

The Outfit: A Collective of Chicago Crime Writers. Today's post, Weighing the Output, is by Sara Paretsky.

Murderati: Mysteries, Murder and Marketing. Stephen Jay Schwartz (whose first novel was published in 2009) writes: Step Right Up and Spin the Wheel...

Colorado Author News

On May 18th, I told you about Paula Reed's new novel, Hester, now scheduled for release February 16, 2010.

Paula has a blog now, and she has her first review (Publisher's Weekly) posted there. Her website tells a little more about the novel.

And you may, of course, pre-order from at a lovely discount. as well.

I gave you the scoop about author Teresa Funke on August 10th. Her new World War II themed book for middle graders, V for Victory, is now available.

And don't forget Teresa's book of short stories about women's lives during World War II, Dancing in Combat Boots. This book would make a great gift for any woman in your life, from young teens to elders.

Teresa now performs a one-woman show using her Dancing in Combat Boots stories. I was out of town when she debuted, but am looking forward to her next production in March.

And a Quote to Finish the post:

"Me want cookie!
---------------Spoken by Cookie Monster of Sesame Street


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

More new blogs to check out! Thanks, Patricia.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Margot Kinberg said...

Patricia, these are terrific! Thanks for sharing.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

You had me at asparagus with gorgonzola sauce. Yum. Can't wait to try it. Now I'm off to visit the other links. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love visitors. If you really want a cookie - I have a recipe for that, too. Look for a post called "On Karma, Hope, and a Cookie Recipe." They're my favorite all time cookies.

Mason Canyon said...

Blogging just connects you to so many new and interesting people. Can't wait to check out the new sites. Thanks for sharing those and the updates on the Colorado authors.

No truer words where ever spoken than those of Cookie Monster. Checking on Kathleen's site now to see her cookies recipes.

Kay Theodoratus said...

Thanks for the mention.

I'll be visiting the other blogs. You've already introduced me to a couple that I follow. Maybe, I'll have good luck again to find one that will teach me some stuff I need to learn now.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Heck, yes, I was serious about the cookies. I had to settle for a biscotti, but now I must go check out Kathleen's cookie recipes. Thanks!

The Old Silly said...

Love the potpourri post - who cares what ya call it if it's got this much good stuff in it, eh?

Marvin D Wilson

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm very much interested in checking out Teresa Funkes book, as I have a short story collection coming out too. I am going to pop over and give hers a look see. Thanks for taking the time to share all these links, Patricia.