Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ReBooWee -- Read a Book a Week Challenge

Kerrie Flanagan, director of Northern Colorado Writers, has presented a new challenge, this time for readers instead of writers (but all of us writers are also readers, right?).

If you're looking for a good excuse to curl up in your favorite chair and just read, visit the NCW blog, The Writing Bug, and check out Kerrie's proposal. She even has a participant's logo to add to your own blog if you wish to join us. ReBooWee is scheduled for December and January, so now's the time to start making a dent in that To Be Read stack of books spilling off your end tables.

Just so you know, I'm finishing up Stephen Tremp's Breakthrough and am working on Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass. I'm not sure which book I'm going to read next -- should I select from the top of the stack or the bottom? So many books, so hard to decide.

If you participate, you'll check in at The Writing Bug on Mondays and tell Kerrie (and the rest of us) how you did. Go for it. You know you want to.

And if anyone asks you what you're doing, just say: ReBooWee!!


Elspeth Antonelli said...

I should do this. It's an odd week when I don't finish a book.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I read at least one book a week. Like breathing out and breathing in...

Mason Canyon said...

Such an interesting challenge. I'll have to check it out. Beside I do better under pressure anyway.
Pull from the center of your stack. Good luck and look for you at The Writing Bug.

Anonymous said...

I'm always thrilled whenever someone says they are reading my books. Thanks for taking the time and hope you enjoy it.

Stephen Tremp

Kerrie said...

Pat, thanks for getting the word out about ReBooWee.

Terry Heath said...

I am the world's slowest reader; I have to ruminate on everything . . . the word choices, images, et all. One reason I have so little patience for many mass market novels and their lack of rumination-causing.

Maybe this would speed me up a bit as well as make me a little less judgmental in my reading.