Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why I'm Telling You Ten "Interesting" Things About Myself

One of my newest blogger friends, Mason Canyon of Thoughts in Progress, was kind enough to award me my second Honest Scrap Award "for bloggers who put their hearts on display as they write from the depths of their souls." Mason passes on the the words of the person who bestowed the honor on her: "Don't worry if you have received it before. Like the Oscars, they make good bookends."

In the past, this award was intended to be passed on to ten other blogs. Mason has removed that requirement from her award so passing it on is optional. She also said the award did not need to be linked back to her, the second traditional condition for accepting the blog. She did, however, ask that the third condition be met: post 10 interesting things about myself.

Congratulations, Mason, for receiving this award and thank you very much for including me in your list of recipients. Here is my list of "interesting" things:

1. I love country music. My favorite country song is Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks)

2. I also love rock opera and most of the musicals written for the stage. My favorite rock opera is Jesus Christ Superstar (and I already have tickets for the road performance coming to Northern Colorado in April). When I was a kid, my St. Louis aunt got tickets for my mom and me for the outdoor Municipal Opera performances at least once a year. The one I loved best was South Pacific.

3. I love anything by Gershwin. My all time favorite is Concerto in F. Second is An American in Paris.

4. I'm an American Idol superfan. Also a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance. I am in awe of the incredible talent of these young performers, especially since I do not sing or dance where other humans might see or hear me.

5. I worked as a volunteer at a raptor recovery center for a few months and discovered I was very afraid of the large eagles, hawks, owls, and vultures. That surprised me because I think they are beautiful and fascinating to watch (from a distance).

6. One of my favorite foods is pizza. We rarely order take-out anymore. I fix homemade pizza with the little Jiffy pizza crust mix, Contadina sauce, and various toppings depending on what I have on hand. When we lived in France, we often went to a small pizza restaurant that had 100 individual pizza choices on the menu. My husband always ordered the one with avocado and garlic. I always chose the one with merguez sausage.

7. I don't have a pet and haven't had one since 1985. My last pet was a pug named Buster. He was emotionally needy and he seemed to shed all year round.

8. I am growing increasingly annoyed at the number of credit card offers and other junk mail we receive that have our names and addresses stamped all over the pages. Because of identity theft risks, I feel those papers need to be shredded. So aggravating!

9. I've always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride but every time I get the chance, I chicken out.

10. I graduated high school in 1960, so my class will be celebrating its 50th reunion this year. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Thanks again to Mason for giving me the opportunity to spill more of my secrets. I reserve the right to pass on the award at a later time.


Jemi Fraser said...

I love Idol and SYTYCD as well - fun TV!

Congrats on the award :)

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Thanks for sharing Pat! It's always fun to get to know my fellow bloggers better!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Congrats on another well-deserved award. I'm with you on the hot air balloon rides. It sounds fascinating and thrilling, but I'm a tad nervous about hanging in the air in a basket with nothing but hot air holding me up. Gravity works.


Jeanie said...

These were fun to read, Patricia. Congrats on the award. I also love country music and all the old musicals.

Mason Canyon said...

Patricia, thank you for the kind words. I knew you were an interesting person already, but thanks for sharing the extras. I would have never guess you were a Garth Brooks fan. I love to fly in anything, but I haven't tried a hot air balloon yet myself.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Thanks for the list, Patricia! Very interesting. Like Mason, I'd never have pegged you for a Garth Brooks fan.

I love Gershwin, too! Rhapsody in Blue is my favorite.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

It's always fun to learn more about the bloggers I visit. I'm a rock opera fan as well but haven't been to one in ages. I need to remedy that.

Carol Kilgore said...

Congrats! I love learning things about people.

Patricia Stoltey said...

The fun thing about these lists is finding out what you have in common with all your favorite blog visitors. For those who were surprised about my interest in country music, remember I grew up on a farm in Illinois, lived in Indiana for many years, and spent nearly a year in Oklahoma. I'm a big Carrie Underwood fan (especially since I saw her first on American Idol).

Anonymous said...

I've always had a pet ever since I could remember. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, snakes, lizards, parrots, just about everything.

And I'm up to chapter 21 on Desert Hedge Murders. Great stuff and I really mean it. I'll do a stand-up book review on my blog when finished.

Stephen Tremp

Margot Kinberg said...

Patricia - Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with us, and congratulations on your very-well-dserved award : ). I share your distate for "junk" credit card ads; I have an 18-year-old daughter, and trying to teach her to handle credit responsibley is not easy with all of those lures. I also think it's wonderful that you've been involved in raptor rescue. I support anyone who works as you have to help animals.

Karen Walker said...

Congratulations, Patricia. You are so deserving. And yes, I was surprised about the country music love. I, too, love musicals. My absolute favorite music. It doesn't surprise me that blogging buddies share so many things in common.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot, our raptor rescue program is great, although I wasn't all that useful to them as a rather inefficient and fearful volunteer. I was pretty good at chopping up mice and weighing poop, but that's about it. I came away with a new appreciation for the beauty, majesty, and power of these great creatures, so I can honestly say I gained more from my experience with the raptor program than the organization did.

Stephen, you're a best-ever blogger buddy!!! All kind words are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great to learn more about you, Patricia. I'm a major fan of country music too, though I started out more partial to jazz and then rock. I like the down-home story-telling aspect of country - some of the lyrics are really great, and I like singing along. Right now I'm most partial to Brad Paisley. I've been a major Keith Urban fan, but his music has gotten too happy since he married Nicole Kidman.

Irish Mason said...

I really enjoyed reading your ten interesting things and look forward to checking out more of your blog. Also can't wait to check out Mason Canyon now! :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading these lists and learning more about others.

Here's a tip - call 1-888-5 OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688) to stop credit card offers. I did, and now I don't get offers.

Here's a site to help you -

Patricia Stoltey said...

Carolyn, thanks for the tips. I've been on the "do not call" list since Day One, but did not realize I could do something similar for junk mail.

It's been great having so many visitors today. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I remember Buster. I too love South Pacific. We went to the outdoor theater in Indy for the show. Quite an experience for this small town girl. Great learning more about you with your list of ten. Congrats on the award. Jayne

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

I like Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. I listen to music travelling home after a week of healing and I cry all the way. Pizza - I'm not a big fan, but I've always wanted to build one of those dome wood fired pizza ovens. Roasts will go a treat with the embers and smoke. Happy new year, Simon.

Marianne said...

Loved reading all the 10 interesting facts!! But then, I always knew you were fun!!
Love, Marianne