Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bits and Pieces and Earthquakes (Oh, My!)

I just tweeted the definition of a blog to someone who asked (facetiously, I believe) "Whats a blog?"

My answer: "A blog is a type of headache, kinda like a migraine."

I'm just kidding though. Even on the days when I can't think of much to say, I still like stopping by to tell you about it.


Today's topic is not a lighthearted one, however. The earthquake in Chile and the tsunami warnings for Hawaii and other Pacific locations are on my mind. There's nothing going on in my life that's more frightening or more interesting than that. I keep going back to the television as though I'm driving past a horrid car accident. I don't want to look; I try not to look; I look anyway. My thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Chile and those in the path of the tsunami.


Have you ever looked at the USGS online map of "Latest Earthquakes in the World?" Check it out. I was interested to see that Japan also experienced an earthquake yesterday, one of 7.0 magnitude. I hadn't heard about that. I also didn't know Chile has experienced more than 50 earthquakes of greater than 5.0 magnitude today. Argentina had a 6.3 earthquake today.

I've only felt one earthquake in my life. It was 5.2 magnitude and hit southern Illinois in 1968. I was working on the fourth floor of a downtown building in Champaign, Illinois (east central part of the state), when we heard a sharp bang and felt the building shudder. We thought the elevator had crashed four stories and hit ground level. We finally realized we were experiencing an earthquake when the building continued to sway and the floor seemed to roll under our feet. That was a minor quake. I can't even imagine how a massive earthquake like the one in Chile would feel. I'd rather not find out.

While I was cruising for news about these events, I came across a Denver Post article about the swarm of small tremors that hit Yellowstone National Park in January and February this year. Over 1,800 of them. That's the second largest swarm in Yellowstone's history (at least, in its recorded history). As soon as the earth trembles in Yellowstone, scientists get nervous and bloggers get all excited and everyone starts talking about harmonic tremors versus tectonic tremors and what's going to happen next.

There's a volcano down there, you see. Right there in Yellowstone National Park. That's in Wyoming. Just to the north of Colorado.


To all who are in harm's way, we're thinking of you and praying you'll be okay. Be safe.


Jeanie said...

Interesting information, Patricia, and amen to your good wishes for those in harm's way.

irishoma said...

Great resources, Patricia. Thanks. I remember the earthquake that hit Illinois in 1968. I was a newlywed. My husband was at work. He was an airman stationed at Scott Air Force Base, in the Western part of the state. It was frightening to be at home by myself.
Donna Volkenannt

Kay said...

Earthquakes do feel weird. I remember when a medium-sized quake, centered in Casper, WY, was felt in Fort Collins. The second floor of the building I worked in swayed back and forth.

Silly me from California said: Hey. This is Fort Collins. We aren't supposed to feel earthquakes.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

It appears we've dodged a bullet here on the west coast. Thank heavens for the warning system.

Kerrie said...

I've never been in an earthquake and don't ever want to.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Jeannie -- I didn't realize how fast those quakes show up on the USGS site. Check it out -- it's very current.

Elspeth, I watched a little of the Hawaii cable coverage this afternoon and was wondering if those TV folks were perhaps a little disappointed... I'd call them bottom feeders, but I was there...watching...what can I say?

Donna -- we must have practically been neighbors in 1968. :) I had two little boys by then, ages 5 and 2 1/2.

Kay -- I felt the same way about feeling an earthquake in Illinois. I didn't know about the New Madrid fault at that time, but there have been some big earthquakes in the Missouri/Illinois area.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Isn't the geological and weather-related stuff the last couple of weeks crazy? And worrying?

And I LOVE how you defined a blog!! :) HA!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Barbara Scully said...

Just want to echo your prayers for all those in Chile. Thank God that the tsunami threat didnt materialise! Feel v lucky to live in Ireland where is teems to rain a lot but thats about the worst of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, a blog is a kind of headache? I see my blog as a headache reliever...all the stress comes out of my little brain and onto the keyboard and into the blog. Problem solved...
Lindsey Petersen

GutsyWriter said...

With all these earthquakes, I wonder when California is due for a major one. Shouldn't say that as I live in southern California. I was writing in the library when I felt one last July. Everyone grabbed their cell phones and ran outside the library.

Ann said...

I have never experienced an earthquake. I am here knocking on wood very vigorously. In hopes of never having this particular experience. My heart and prayers go out to all those trying to recover in Chile.