Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Scramble

Northern Colorado Writers Conference Countdown (with Prizes)

You can win weekly prizes during the conference countdown, whether you're attending the two-day event or not. Check out what's happening this week at The Writing Bug.

What I'm Reading

If I can just find a little more time, I'll finish Terry Odell's most excellent When Danger Calls. I think you can still get a copy of the hardcover edition of this book from Terry, but it has now also been released as an ebook. If you like mysteries with a nice dash of romance, I recommend this one.

Next up is Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher novel, Worth Dying For. Have to read it next because the library wants it back in three weeks for the next person on the Hold list.

Favorite Blog Post of the Week

This prize once again goes to Elspeth Antonelli at It's a Mystery. Sorry, Elspeth, there's no money or chocolate attached to this prize. Elspeth's post is called 10 Signs of a Typical Writing Day, and if you're a writer (or even know a writer), you'll love it.

2011 A to Z April Blog Challenge

I know you're sick of me mentioning this blog event. I understand. So I'll just say, try it, you'll like it, you know you want to, click on the logo in my sidebar and sign up.

And Now the Katrina Katie Kitten Story I've Been Holding Back

On Friday, Feb. 11th, the kitten we adopted from the animal shelter about three weeks earlier became very ill. We've been through a very scary time with Katie, putting her through multiple visits to the vet and some tests way too tough for a cute little kitten less than six months old. It's been hard on her because she was suffering so much, and hard on us because we were so afraid we were going to lose her.

Katie is a trooper, though, and she has an astounding desire to get better and stick around to humor her humans. Since Sunday, she has been making daily improvements. It's enough of a heart breaker to almost lose a pet (and if feels as though she's been here forever instead of a mere six weeks), but to see her try so hard to get better and regain control of her people brings tears to my eyes.

I'm happy to say that Katie is improving. Our wonderful vet considers her illness a mystery and a challenge, and he even calls us to check on her and discuss what we should do next. To his credit, he has even told us the next step, if she were to get worse again, would be to pull in the well-known Colorado State University Veterinarian Hospital team to apply their diagnostic expertise to her case.

This evening, however, Katie is even better. She not only ate her own meal, she conned me out of a few bites of my baked chicken. And then she wanted to play.

So keep your fingers crossed for Katie. She's a keeper (and she seems to think we're keepers, too).


Jenny said...

I'm so glad your kitten is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I did sign up for A and Z. I AM going to try it!

I've started reading my ebook edition of When Danger Calls and am impressed with the writing. It's on my list for reading some today (I'm not getting long reading blocks lately, it seems. Life!)

As always, a very informative Wednesday scramble, Pat. Thanks for the links.

pam2spicy said...

I was going to call you to check on Katrina Kat today but decided I would see if you included any info on your blog and there it was. I am so glad Katrina Kat is feeling better! I found a flower essence for my cat Lily's jealousy. I'm not sure it is working yet. Her moods are awful, I wonder if it is menopause...just kidding.

Margot said...

Pat - So, so glad to hear that Katrina Kat is feeling better and perking up. Doesn't that just do the soul good? Thanks for sharing that great news. Lots of positive thoughts and energy heading your way..

...and I'm with you; Elspeth's post is wonderful!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks, Jenny. Katie appreciates your good wishes.

Hi Ann. Isn't Terry a good writer? I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.

Pam, thanks for checking in on us. If you know of a flower essense to calm kitty intestines, let me know. Your Lily doesn't sound like she's experiencing spring fever, that's for sure. I hope you figure it out. I doubt a cat in a bad mood is calming to your household.

Good morning, Margot. At least now you know why I've been so bad about visiting my blogger friends. This sick kitty has stolen big chunks of my days and nights for almost two weeks now.

April Moore said...

Glad to hear Katie is doing better! I'm looking forward to finally meeting her!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Pleased your kitten is feeling better,

Take care.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Patricia .. so pleased your new kitten has pulled through - that's wonderful news. More cuddles coming me thinks!

A-Z .. yes on it!! Terry's book sounds interesting .. and then Elspeth's post .. I'm popping over - thanks for letting us know - Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Praying for your Katie!!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks to everyone for warm kitty wishes and prayers. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that all will be well.

Jemi Fraser said...

All my best to Katie - hope she continues to improve.

I really enjoyed Terry's book - I have it as an ebook too :)

Arlee Bird said...

I don't think you're overdoing it too much on the A to Z Challenge. We're happy to have you mention it. And maybe someone hasn't heard about it yet. Thanks for mentioning it though.

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