Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yuck

Yucky things are:

1. Black walnuts (they are so revolting in taste and smell that I suspect I'm allergic to them)

2. Corn fritters (especially served with ham salad -- it was a disgusting combination of grease and salt from my country grade school's cafeteria back in the early 50s).

3. Certain bottled drinks (especially the green ones) I dare not mention by brand name

4. Okra (double yuck)

5. Raw oysters

6. Escargot (with or without garlic butter)

7. Black hairy spiders

8. Cockroaches

9. Leeches and slugs

10. Skunks

What did I leave out?


Jan Morrison said...

I'm with you on all of it but the black walnuts - love them to bits! hmmm...what would I replace it with? thinking about paper work and my taxes...

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Cockroaches are big on my list! As is hominy. Yuck!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mowing the lawn in 100% humidty.

Angela Felsted said...

Pigs feet?

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Enjoyed your Y word post also the list.

Have a good day.

Huntress said...

Things you missed:
Hair balls
and did I mention Housework

Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - What a great choice!! Hmmm, let me see:
Stale cigarette smoke
Black Widow spiders

Patricia Stoltey said...

Good morning, everyone. Nice additions to the list! Huntress, I definitely should have mentioned housework!

Thanks, Yvonne.

Angela -- I don't think I've ever had pigs feet, but it doesn't sound like anything I'd like (especially pickled).

Hi Alex -- my husband has taken over all the lawn mowing and I'm sure he'd add it to the top of his Yuck list (even when the humidity is less than 100%).

Diane -- you're right, hominy is not very tasty. I do like grits, though. Strange.

Jan -- my aversion to black walnuts is odd, I know, but I've never been able to eat them. I always have to ask people what nut is in their homemade goodie (or perform a sniff test) before I taste it. Paperwork, on the other hand, is okay with me. I used to play "office" when I was a kid, and I worked in accounting for a number of years.

Margot -- oh, definitely cigarette smoke (even when it's fresh). I quit smoking 29 years ago, and I've been revolted by the smell of cigarettes ever since.

Michelle Mach said...

A good list. I'd add: canned peas!

I'm laughing because I chose "Y is for Yummy" as my entry today--the opposite spectrum!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Michelle -- that's funny. Yummy did not even cross my mind...but I'm heading over now to see what's on your list.

Mason Canyon said...

Great list. I'd have to add mice (any size)

Thoughts in Progress

Patricia Stoltey said...

Mason -- Mouse babies look pretty yucky, but I always thought grown mice were kind of cute (like those in Disney's Cinderella).

Now rats are a different story. Rats are definitely yucky.

Kay Theodoratus said...

What a great pick of aversions to tag onto a character.

Murr Brewster said...

Everything in context. Slugs have a fascinating beauty that is only sharpened by their nausea-inducing qualities. They're fine as long as you don't step on them in your bare feet. I have not gone barefoot since a memorable spring evening in Virginia fifty years ago.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Kay -- 'twould make the character sound neurotic...I guess that says something about me. :)

Hi Murr -- I think I'll keep my shoes on from now on too.