Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing on a Merry-Go-Round

Doesn't it seem like writers do the same things over and over?

Tear up pages or delete chapters
Submit for critique
Rewrite (many times)
Submit to first reader
Self-edit (finally)
File rejections
Repeat above steps as many times as it takes
Get sale if we're lucky
More edits
Maybe more edits

Sometimes I think, "Stop this carousel, I want to get off."

But I don't.

San Francisco, 2010

I climb off the carousel for a few minutes..or months, maybe a bit dizzy from the experience, and stagger around for a while. But then I climb right back on for another ride...I mean soon as the music starts.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Carousel certainly describes the writing process! And yet, writers have to write. That's why we get back on the horse again...

Anonymous said...

Exactly! And it is the getting back on the horse that makes you a writer - all the other stuff folks can do BUT it takes a real honest to-goodness writer to get back on that horse, dizzy or not.
having another blogspot problem so will try and post annonymously but Jan Morrison

Duncan D. Horne said...

nice post! Life can feel like riding on a carrousel at times. If you look outside you soon get dizzy. If you focus on the centre, everything seems to stay steady...

Duncan In Kuantan

Karen Walker said...

That is exactly what it feels like, Patricia.

Terry Odell said...

Ah, but writing IS rewriting, so all those spins on the merry-go-round are actually moving things forward.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now I'm dizzy...

Anonymous said...

Good morning, everyone! I realized I missed an opportunity to say "when the musing starts" instead of "when the music starts." Probably the dizziness...

and now Blogger will not let me sign in on my own blog. I can tell this is going to be a weird day. Pat

GigglesandGuns said...

Oh so very true!

Talli Roland said...

Very well stated, Patricia! :)

Kay Theodoratus said...

So, that's why I feel I'm always spinning in circles.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot, you're so right. I keep thinking about giving it up and becoming a book reviewer instead, but then I get one more idea...

Hi Jan -- do you use Internet Explorer? IE wouldn't let me post a comment either, but it worked on Firefox.

Duncan, focusing on the center seems to work, so maybe if I buy a pair of blinders the dizziness will go away?

Hi Karen -- I guess we'll be doing this stuff forever, right?

Terry -- Now I have the image in my mind of a carousel that's moving along a straight railroad track while it continues to go round and round.

Alex -- I don't believe it. I bet you're one of those writers who's always focused on the task at hand.

Yes, me, it is turning out to be a very weird day.

Hi Mary and Talli -- thanks for stopping by.

Kay -- you're another one who seems very focused to me. I keep thinking I should be more like you.

Dean K Miller said...

You buy your ticket, you go for the ride. It's less work to stay on the horse and let it start up again, instead of getting on, getting off, getting on, getting off. But if we never get off, we might not know if we've gotten anywhere. It's always good to stop and see what's around the bend.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Dean, I have developed many interests and am easily distracted, so I'll always be climbing on and jumping off. It's not the way to become a prolific writer, but I'm still having fun.

Jemi Fraser said...

I like the go-round too. It's fun and frustrating, exhilerating and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

Elizabeth C. Main said...

Love the image, but what happens when the carousel is spinning wildly and you must jump off to attend a wedding? My beloved family members don't always schedule their lives around my ride. I know. I know. More material for when I jump back on. Liz