Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chiseled in Rock Tuesday: Zombie Crawls

I've posted the information about Denver's Zombie Crawl and the Fort Collins Zombie Fest at Chiseled in Rock blog today. If there's a zombie crawl scheduled for your town, be sure to drop by Chiseled in Rock and leave your town, state, and the website url for the event in the comments.

If I attend any part of the Fort Collins fest, it will probably be the afternoon fun for kidz where I feel I can hold my own...I'm not likely to be out anytime in the evening in places where big zombies congregate. That's just too creepy


Pat Hatt said...

Just don't let them break the skin, I hear once you go zombie you never go back.

Raquel Byrnes said...

My brother photographs Seattle's Zombie Walk every year. He says its so fun to watch them mess with the tourists at Pike Place Market. Have fun!
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Pat Tillett said...

Yeah, I'm a little to zombie paranoid to be around one of these things. I like to see the photos though!