Monday, October 3, 2011

Heart Warriors Book Trailer

Northern Colorado Writers member Amanda Adams has written a book about her family's experiences during her pregnancy and delivery of a child with congenital heart disease and all that has happened since.

"Five months pregnant, Amanda Adams was told her baby was missing half his heart and given two abysmal choices regarding her pregnancy: force her baby to fight for his life, or perform a late term abortion. Despite the fact that Liam's odds of death were high and his odds of suffering were absolute, Amanda chose life."

I had the pleasure of meeting this youngster not long ago. Liam has been through twelve surgeries, but to me he was just a regular kid with with regular kid charm. It's hard to imagine all this family has been through. I applaud Amanda's determination to put her family's story out there as memoir from her point of view in the hope that other families might receive comfort and support. I'm honored to share the book trailer for Heart Warriors here:

You can read more about Amanda and her memoir at Behler Publications. The book is due for release in April 2012. In the meantime, follow Amanda's blog at Amanda Rose Adams: Writing About Real Life. And if you know someone who has faced or is now facing this kind of life-changing event, please help spread the word.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Thanks so much for sharing Amanda's story - and Liam's. What courage and determination that family must have!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot for one family to endure.

Elizabeth C. Main said...

As a mother, I particularly felt the pull of this story. I know several other families facing critical medical issues with their children. Setting the story down on paper, as Amanda has done, allows a wider understanding of the fullness of life's challenges and possibilities. Thank you, Pat, for hosting.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Margot -- Yes, I believe them to be strong and very wise...Liam and his family have already lived through more challenges than I've had to.

Alex -- They're amazing.

Liz, you're so right. Sharing stories like this can help so many other families.

Dean K Miller said...

I recall Amanda at a morning coffee or other NCW Function. So nice to see their story coming out soon. They are amazing. There is strength in our lives that we only find in moments we never expect.

Their voices will certainly be heard.