Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Stuff Instead of Wednesday Stuff

Today on Chiseled in Rock

I've posted a special message from Susan Brooks, Chairperson of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Writers Conference over at Chiseled in Rock blog. If you're thinking about joining us but haven't registered yet, now's a great time. I'll be there for sure.

What I'm Reading

I just got started on White Horse by Alex Adams. The first sentence hooked me...count on reading another of my posts on killer first sentences very soon.


I'm still glued to the television every evening for the prime-time showing of the days' main events. I've relaxed a little and have suffered no more armchair injuries, thank goodness.

Isn't Gabby a darling? And those awesome swimmers. Wow!!!

The unfortunate side effect of my manic armchair participation in these events is that I'm seriously neglecting my blogger friends. I'll hop back on the blog-hopping wagon soon, I promise.

Guest Bloggers

If you didn't catch Sisters in Crime member Kaye George's guest post yesterday on naming characters, scroll down and check it out. Don't forget she'd giving away a copy of her book if you leave a comment on that post by midnight tonight.

I'll feature another mystery author and SinC member, Carole Price, here on Thursday. 

Here's A Question for You

What was the most fun thing you did last weekend?

My answer? I pulled the first two carrots from my garden, and then I ate them for lunch along with a big helping of cantaloupe. I did not share my carrots.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - I'm interested to see what you'll think of White Horse once you've read it. First sentences can be so important! As to the Olympics, I'm always so impressed with how hard all of the athletes work. You can just see the determination in their faces. I think that's what I admire most about them. That and the fact that they make it look easy. Which it isn't. I take that lesson into writing... OK, off to read Susan Brooks' message.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been caught up in the Olympics. Glad I can watch some of the events during the day on my iPad.
Most exciting thing last weekend was hours of playing Diablo III. After writing non-stop for two months, it was awesome!

Jemi Fraser said...

I'm pretty much glued to the tv during the day. We've got 4 channels who've worked together to coordinate the coverage so there's always tons to watch. I can also tap into 2 US channels if I want. I could watch these Olympics all day! Gabby was incredible!!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Margot, so far I'm liking White Horse and I'm about 1/3 of the way in...I'm a fan of "after" novels, which is what I call the dystopian life after the Apocalypse/pandemic/nuclear war/whatever -- I think the first one I ever read was when I was in high school: On the Beach by Nevil Shute. I'll probably blog about this after I've finished the book.

Alex, I can totally believe you'd find hours of Diablo III great fun. Personally, I'm the old-fashioned pinball machine type...or the old computer game called Digger.

Jemi, I wish I could watch all day as well. As for Gabby, she's adorable. I'm also a big fan of Missy Franklin...she's charming. I love it when the super successful athletes are humble and good-mannered and really nice people.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Although...I must say I could do with a little less beach volleyball and a little more other stuff. Geesh!

Lynn Proctor said...

i cannot even remember last week--speaking of the olympics one of the women--i think one of the runners--i have not been watching--but anyway, she is from my county!

Arlee Bird said...

Now you're asking me to exercise my memory. This past week-end? Let's see...watched the old Marilyn Monroe flick Bus Stop Saturday night. Took some naps in the afternoons. Continued catching up on my blogging after vacation. My life is a barrel of fun.

Tossing It Out

Patricia Stoltey said...

Lynn, I love watching the competitors that represent the U.S., but I get just as excited about the great athletes from other countries who do well. Some of the male runners, like the ones from Jamaica, and the Chinese divers...so incredible to see how hard they've worked.

Lee, your life sounds wonderful. I've been taking naps too. Even one hour helps.