Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chiseled in Rock, Stuff, and the Tuesday Question

Thanks to everyone who visited here yesterday for the Genre Favorites Blogfest. I met some new bloggers, including a few who shared my love of musicals and all things bookish.

Three Authors, Three Questions at Chiseled in Rock

Today is Chiseled in Rock Tuesday of course, and my post is "Three Authors, Three Questions" starring mystery authors Margaret Coel and Molly MacRae and novelist Stephen Graham Jones. These three are awesome writers and nice folks you'd love to chat with for a spell, so I hope you'll hop over to the Rock and see what they have to say about the writing life.

Thursday's Guest Blogger

This week Judy Alter, author of Trouble in a Big Box, describes her rocky road to publication. I hope you'll join us.

Musing About How I Spend My Time

I am a person of eclectic interests. I dabble and sample and taste and experiment...from books to movies to crafty hobbies to recipes to creative pursuits, I don't like to feel I'm missing anything.

Although I'm in the writing mood every day, I'm also in the crocheting mood, the gardening mood, the play with Katie Cat mood, the help the neighbor fix the fence so their big dog doesn't scare the crap out of me by trying to break through the rotted slats mood, the practice with my new camera mood, the paint with acrylics mood, and the pick up the excellent book I'm reading for another exciting chapter or two mood...oh, yeah, and the watch the Broncos game mood (which kept me off the Internet last night).

On very rare occasions, I even get in the cleaning mood, although it's fairly obvious I haven't been in the window washing mood for a very long time.

Yesterday, I focused on the blogfest and football and the cat. Today it's the Northern Colorado Writers morning coffee, Chiseled in Rock blog, making grape juice, submitting to my critique group, and playing with kitty. Tomorrow is going to be all about manuscript proofreading, garden cleanup, the Big Brother finale, and the first episode of the new Survivor season. Oh, yeah. And playing with Katie Cat.

Wow. Reading my list makes me tired. I think I better fit another nap in there too.

The Tuesday Question

I have lots of hobbies, but in the winter I enjoy crocheting while I watch TV. I make a lovely triangle shaped fringed shawl from airy granny squares, and I enjoy doing baby afghans too.

What artistic or crafty hobby do you enjoy in your spare time?


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - I'm looking forward to checking out your interviews. I always like your questions! And it's interesting you'd mention liking to do several different things. I think that always keeps one's interest up, and that makes one's writing better anyway. And who wouldn't want to play with Katie Cat? She's adorable!
As for me I've done a few creative things. A lot of it's musical; I even used to play keyboards - strictly coffeehouse-quality. I never got an offer to play a packed stadium ;-).

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Even with the blogfest yesterday, I was watching and enjoying some football!
And guitar playing is my other creative outlet.