Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Northern Colorado Writers Conference and More

You're Running Out of Time to Sign Up for the Northern Colorado Writers Conference

Whether you write fiction, poetry, essays, articles, or short stories, there is an art to stringing together words to elicit a certain response and reaction from your readers. The 8th Annual Northern Colorado Writers Conference, April 26-27 at the Fort Collins Hilton, centers around the idea that all good writing emerges from those writers who have the heart of an artist.

This two-day event provides you the opportunity to focus on the craft for two days and breathe new life and color into your writing. Industry professionals from all over the country will be sharing their knowledge and expertise in the 27 workshops being offered and the agent/editor round tables.

The conference welcomes all levels of writers; those just starting out, to those who are well-established. To ensure an intimate conference experience, registration is limited to 125 writers.

This year features keynote speaker, actor and director, Andrew McCarthy. From Pretty in Pink to National Geographic Traveler, McCarthy will share how he added award winning travel writer and author to his list of accomplishments. His recently released memoir, The Longest Way Home, has been well received by critiques.

Visit the Northern Colorado Writers website for more information.


My Picks:  Favorite Blogs about Colorado and Fort Collins

If you live in our state or just visit from time to time (or want to visit someday soon), here are a few of the blogs that you might enjoy about my part of the state:

Jenny blogs about Fort Collins, Colorado at Choice City Native. Her photos are stunning.

Heidi town: Colorado in Review covers a wider area of the state and highlights cool destinations as well as interesting and fun events and festivals.

Food critic and travel writer Kristin Mastre's Feasting Fort Collins is a good resource for those of us who want good food and ambiance when we go out to eat.

And One Very Touching Post About an Author Who Did Not Live to Realize Her Dream

To read E.J. Wesley's story about a young author, Bridget Zinn, who did not live long enough to see her debut novel, Poison, published, please read this post at Open Vein.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - That conference really does look interesting. Maybe some year I'll be in Colorado and able to attend it. Thanks too for the link to Bridget Zen's story. So sad.... That's one reason I believe it's important to 'aim for the stars,' while one can...

Julie Luek said...

I really want to get to a conference someday and since the keynote is a nonfiction writer, I am especially interested. I'm going to check out the registration and see how my pennies add up.

Thanks for sharing the blogs too-- very fun! I'll be in Greeley area this next week visiting UNC with my daughter.

Summer Ross said...

So unfortunate that I wont make it this year...sighs... I'm so glad you posted about the conference though.

E.J. Wesley said...

Thanks for sharing my post, Pat! Hope lots of folks will give Bridget's story a read and help her legacy live on. :)

Jenny said...

Pat, thanks for linking to my blog! I'm looking forward to the conference...should be a really fun one.

That's a very poignant post on Open Vein. Thanks for sharing.

LD Masterson said...

I can't afford Colorado but I hope you have a great time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I read about Bridget on several blogs.

Kerrie said...

Pat, thanks for posting information about the conference. Julie, we'd love to see you there! I hope you can make it.