Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Write, Blog, Write, Blog, and Then Take a Day Off

Tomorrow's Guest Blogger

Mystery writer Jan Christensen asks "Are You Making Time to Write?" And she's also giving away a copy of her Tina Shaw light mystery, Organized to Death. I felt inspired after reading Jan's post, so I hope it helps you too.

Over at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Blog

On Monday, Mike Befeler addressed finding the time to write when you have a full time job. Using Julia Cameron's concept of morning pages from her well-known book The Artist's Way, Mike wrote several books in his Paul Jacobson mystery series before finally retiring from his job.

Tuesday's post, "Writing and Reading and Podcasts. Oh My!" is by RMFW president Mark Stevens. What do you do with your non-writing time (besides work, sleep, and eat)?  Mark suggests listening to podcasts.

Guest blogger Jim Heskett's post today is called "A Different Kind of Literary Journal."

Tomorrow Trai Cartwright is back with part two of her six-part series involving screenwriting and related writing adventures, "Are You Serious?"

And on Friday, Karen Duvall returns with a new episode in her Talk to the Paw series about writers' pets and how they enhance (or complicate) the writers' lives.

Looking Forward to Friday

I have a lot to do today and tomorrow so I can take Friday off to meet my RMFW blog co-editor Julie Luek in person for the first time. She's crossing the mountains from the Western Slope to visit the Front Range, and we're going to meet up for a few hours of conversation, blog planning, and lunch.

One of the joys of social media for me is to make a real connection with someone through blogging, Facebook, or Twitter. The icing on the cake is to meet that person face-to-face. I'm looking forward to a great day.

Have you had the good fortune to meet a social media contact in person? How did it go?


Julie Luek said...

I hope this still works out-- I'll drop you a note. There was a "hitch" in our medical agenda for the week. Hitches happen. Crossing fingers though. I'm so looking forward to it!

I need to reinvigorate myself into a better daily writing habit. I've let a lot of other things get in the way of that focus.

Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - I look forward to reading Jan's post and to catching up with what's happening at RMFW.

I've had a few opportunities to meet online friends in person and it's been a great experience. Wonderful to know there's a whole supportive community out there.

Yolanda Renee said...

How awesome to meet Julie! How even more awesome for her to meet you! Love it!

Finding time to write, listening to podcasts, thanks for the links.

Will visit for the guest blogger tomorrow!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You have a busy week ahead!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Julie, the stars weren't aligned for Friday, but we'll come up with an alternate plan.

Hi Margot -- RMFW's Colorado Gold Conference is 9/20-9/22 and I'm ready for some serious motivation, inspiration, and education.

Hi Yolanda. Julie and I will work it out for an alternate weekend. Sometimes life just upsets the plan.

Alex -- yeah, I'm pretty busy for an old broad. So much for retirement and a life of leisure.

lizy-expat-writer said...

So, you write one day and blog the next, ad infinitum? I can't be that organised. I blog when something grabs my attention and I want to tell the world - or rather, my miniscule audience - and I write every day, sometimes for hours, when the muse flows. The idea of a decent schedule is anathema!

E.J. Wesley said...

It's so exciting to meet your cohorts in the flesh! Something I think I took for granted in the pre-Internet age. :)