Monday, July 6, 2009

Colorado Author -- Linda Berry

Somewhere along the line, someone commented on my blog that Colorado must be awash in published authors. It might be true. I need to start reading faster so I can speak with authority about each writer's books.

Today I am featuring Linda Berry, author of the Trudy Roundtree mystery series. In the newest release, Death and the Crossed Wires, pastor Josh Easterling is electrocuted as he's about to baptize Crys Cleary. But the investigation shows it was no accident. Further investigation reveals that other deaths connected to Crys weren't accidents, either. Trudy, an Ogeechee, Georgia, police officer, and Chief of Police Henry Huckabee track down the unlikely serial killer in this small-town, police procedural series noted for its Southern humor.

Previous books in the series were Death and the Easter Bunny, Death and the Hubcap, Death and the Icebox, Death and the Walking Stick, and Death and the Family Tree.

Since Linda's roots are in Georgia, it's no surprise that her stories are set there. And she has a cousin who's a policeman and, she says on her website, a great storyteller. What more could a mystery writer ask for?

I've been lucky enough to share a book signing table with Linda a couple of times, and to enjoy her author trivia game at writer gatherings (although I did not win either time). Her Southern accent, wry sense of humor, and incredible energy make her an excellent presenter. If you like your mysteries set in the south and sprinkled with humor, you might want to give this series a try.


Galen Kindley--Author said...

I visited Linda’s web site. If you go there, click on the link labeled, “Trudy’s House.” It takes you to a photo of a gorgeous old home that Linda says is where her father grew up and is still in her family. The house just drips mystery and adventure. Very nice.

Best regards, Galen
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Terry Odell said...

And we're hoping to retire to Colorado! Another author in your midst.

BTW -- I've got a post today at my own blog about the actual "rules" that Elmore Leonard wrote about. Seeing them in context helps explain them.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I love the titles of Linda's books. I plan to visit her site to find out more and I want to see the house Galen mentioned.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

This sounds like a book I won't be able to pass up! On hot days like today, I can understand why Linda made the move to Colorado.

I'm with house!

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The Practical Preserver said...

I'm making a must-read list gleaned from your recommendations. I enjoy these forays into other authors' works.

Patricia Stoltey said...

To all -- the best part is when the authors are as much fun and as interesting as their stories. Linda is both.

Helen Ginger said...

These sound very interesting - and since I was born in Georgia, I'll have to check them out. Be fun to read her Southern voice.

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