Friday, July 3, 2009

Setting for The Desert Hedge Murders

Although the second Sylvia and Willie mystery begins in Laughlin, Nevada, much of the adventure takes place in and around the gold-mining town of Oatman, Arizona. Oatman is located more than a dozen miles east of Bullhead City, in the northwest corner of Arizona, across the Colorado River from Laughlin.

Not much, if any, gold mining takes place these days. Most of the traffic to and through Oatman consists of tourists and historic Route 66 motorcycle enthusiasts. The town is full of shops, artists, and good eats, ranging from buffalo burgers to ice cream. It is said at least one ghost hangs out at the Oatman Hotel.

Burros, descendants of those that once toted miners' gear from camps to claims, roam the streets and beg carrots from visitors and townfolk.

The scenery is striking, especially when seen from a quiet place where only the wind and the cheeping of baby quail disturb the silence.


Karen Walker said...

Lovely photos, Patricia. Good luck with your upcoming release.
Karen Walker

Anonymous said...

I love Oatman. Last time I was there, I talked to locals about the burros. They are just one "gang" that wanders the hills in that area, and they can be mean.

The DOW "manages" the herd size every year.

N A Sharpe said...

Wow - with images like this I can only imagine how vivid the stories are! So much can be gleemed from the pictures alone!

Nancy, from Just a Thought…

Helen Ginger said...

I want to go to Oatman! I want to walk the streets and have a burro beg me for a carrot. If I'm ever there I hope I remember to take carrots. Seriously.

Straight From Hel

The Practical Preserver said...

Patricia, I'm loving my copy of The Desert Hedge Murders. I've just had Sylvia surrounded by burros and am knee deep in Flippers.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Touristy places like Oatman are so much fun. I also love the cattle drive through Laramie, WY during Jubilee Days.

And welcome LostFortCollins--I found out area residents can adopt the burros and save them from "management."

Karen, I'm thrilled you're enjoying your advance peek at The Desert Hedge Murders. Aren't ARC contests fun?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and I love the way you arranged them - all that blue feels like a cool breeze.

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Is there another city in the country where burros (How cute are they???) walk the streets as they please? I'd bet not. I wonder if the Colorado RIver in that area has fish? If so, I'd have two reasons to visit.

Best regards, Galen
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