Sunday, November 22, 2009

Five Things I Want To Accomplish in the Next 39 Days

Thirty-nine days from today is December 31, 2009. I plan to accomplish these five things before the old year disappears forever:

1. Finish the first draft of my suspense/thriller (not sure what to call it yet) with a working title of "A Terrible Mistake." Judging by the amount of trouble my heroine is in, I may have to change the title to, "A Bunch of Terrible Mistakes."

2. Clean up my office, catch up on filing important papers, shred and dispose of waste paper, hang up my bulletin board, dust the furniture and blinds, and run the sweeper.

3. Outline a new novel.

4. Get rid of as many unused clothes, appliances, household goods, and other possessions as I can in an organized effort to simplify and declutter our lives.

5. When the working draft of "Mistakes" is complete, I'll set it on the shelf to rest. Then I'll return to another WIP, a historical novel set in frontier Illinois. The main character, Jo Mae Proud, has been hanging about, begging for attention. She says it's time I read through Wishing Caswell Dead, make the necessary changes to beef up her part in the story, and begin the submission process. She's right. I've let this project go too long.

What are your plans for the next thirty-nine days?


Mason Canyon said...

What a great ideal. You have given me something to think about today. I can see taking 2 and 4 on your list and making it work for me. Cleaning is always needed, but the other three I'll have to think on. I'm trying to get more organized and this will be very helpful. Thanks, have a great Sunday.

The Old Silly said...

Oh gawd, you WOULD make me think along those lines. Hmm - finish editing these three books I'm on for other authors right now, so I can have the first of the year clear to finish at least one of my 3 WIP's and have it ready for a spring pub. That and have a lot of family fun. That's me. Yours is very ambitious - go for it!

Marvin D Wilson

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Well...Thanksgiving and Christmas will be taking up a big chunk of that time! I'm finishing the revisions on "Delicious and Suspicious," revising "Progressively Dead," (next Myrtle Clover, writing book 2 for the Memphis BBQ series. Yeah. Something like that. Makes my head whirl just looking at this.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Carol Kilgore said...

You're VERY ambitious. Good for you! My plans are to complete the first draft for my WIP, Solomon's Compass. Do the whole Christmas thing, which seems to grow each year. And have fun during the entire 39 days.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I can see I won't be working alone, even if it is the holiday season. Happy writing to you all.

Kerrie said...

I plan to get the Northern Colorado Writers Conference registration up on the website,blog, do Christmas shopping and enjoy family and friends.