Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Orchid : My A to Z Wish List

But first, A to Z fans, I want to call your attention to the April edition of "Three Authors, Three Questions" over at Chiseled in Rock blog. I'm featuring a mystery author, a children's book author, and a debut dystopian thriller author. Honest, you don't want to miss this one.

And now to "O" is for Orchid

I wish I could figure out how to keep an orchid plant alive and make it bloom again once the first round of flowers are gone.

Honestly, I do the homework, I study the orchid sites on the Internet, and I try to follow the instructions to the letter.

I buy a plant that looks healthy and has plenty of new flowers.

I do the special little watering tricks.

I talk to it.

I even beg.

It doesn't work. The orchid refuses to give me another round of blooms, and then it dies.

I sure do wish I could grow orchids.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Orchids really are absolutely gorgeous aren't they? I just love 'em, and I don't blame you for wanting to grow them. Now, off to CiR :-)

Lynn Proctor said...

wish i remembered all the things my friend has told me---she used to raise orchids---she is an author and sort of a plant expert--i love them too--i remember when i was a child--we always wore an orchid on Easter--

farawayeyes said...

Hi Patricia,nice to meet you.

I used to live 'highup' in Colorado, now I live in the Caribbean where orchids abound. Could simply be your climate.

Karen Walker said...

Orchids are so beautiful. I have a black thumb altogether so do not attempt to grow anything. Sigh!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have one word for you - plastic!

Jenny said...

I know what you mean. My orchid hasn't bloomed in for-e-ver. But at least it's still alive!

Jennifer Lane said...

I definitely don't have a green thumb so kudos to you for trying with the misbehaving orchid. Are you trying to visit every blog on the A to Z Challenge? WOW! Thanks for following and I'm now follower #399!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I think we should break out the champagne and chocolate when I reach 400 followers, don't you?

DL Hammons said...

You want to kill a plant? Give it to me! I'm serious. Heck...you can even send me your weeds...I'll kill them dead as well! :)

Kerrie Boyd Thomas said...

I love orchids. However, since I don't have a green thumb and can only grow plants that can take care of themselves for the most part, I know not to attempt keeping an orchid alive. *giggle*

Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

The only thing I can grow is spider plants. Want one? They are really hard to kill.

Sara Hill said...

I've never tried orchids. I can only grow plants that yell, "Water me!" by drooping.

Arlee Bird said...

Most plants hate me. Although I have a piquin pepper plant that has seemed to feel comfortable in my backyard for several years.

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Name: Luana Krause said...

Orchids are tricky. I have trouble with Bonsai. I love them but I kill them.

Nicole said...

When you learn how to maintain Orchids, give me a holler! Seriously, the only other living organisms that I've been able to maintain for more than a few days were Roses...and they aren't even my favorite flower, lol.

The last plant that I tried to keep care of was a Bamboo plant given to my for a holiday. The Bamboo plant withered away as quick as you could say "dead plant walking," I tell ya!

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Jemi Fraser said...

I have no skill at all in this department!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Orchids are beutiful, one of my favorite flowers but oh so finicky. I've never been able to grow them either but others have no problem. If I ever find out the secret I will let you know.

mooderino said...

I would suggest threats. Hold a pair of gardening shears next to the stem and lookk like you mean it.

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Pat Tillett said...

I'm right there with you. When I go to the nursery to buy a plant, the plants draw straws to see which one has to go home with me...