Monday, August 5, 2013

Longmire Days in Wyoming and other stuff

Longmire Days

This is one event I wish I could attend. Longmire Days will be held August 17 and 18 in Buffalo, Wyoming. If you don't know who Longmire is, you must not be a mystery reader. The television show, based on author Craig Johnson's wonderful Sheriff Walt Longmire series, is a popular summer series for those of us starved for good TV.

The Writing Bug

The official blog of Northern Colorado Writers, The Writing Bug offers articles on writing and the writing life from NCW members. This post on writing prompts interested me because there was a time I suffered from brain freeze the moment an instructor offered us a prompt and then said "Go!" My mind emptied out faster than a wasp nest hit with a stick.

I practiced, though, and eventually discovered prompts to be a useful tool to get going, especially when trying to figure out a blog topic. Check out Maggie's post here.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Blog

You didn't think I would skip this one, did you?

Today's RMFW Blogger is mystery author Mike Befeler who's branching out into the world of the paranormal. Tomorrow Mark Stevens, RMFW president, tells everyone to stop and regroup...and write. Wednesday and Thursday you'll learn about two of the outstanding Colorado Gold Conference master classes being offered this year on Friday, September 20th, the first day of the weekend Denver event. You are attending this year, right?

Pikes Peak Writers Blog: Writing from the Peak

August News, Events and Links, Friday's post from Pikes Peak Writers offers enough great writerly links to keep you busy all day.

This is why writers love Colorado. Organizations, excellent conferences, workshops, retreats. What more could a writer want?

Well, for starters:

I want more time. Thirty hours instead of twenty-four might work.


Margot Kinberg said...

Pat - Oh, Longmire Days sounds like a lot of fun!

As for writing prompts, they can be awfully useful. I'll have to check out Maggie's post and for sure I'll read what Mike B. has to say.

Oh, and about what more a writer could want? Colorado has some of the gorgeous scenery there is. Who wouldn't be inspired??

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Writing prompts scare me for the very same reason. And I'll take a 40 hour day please.

Karen Walker said...

I never had much success with writing prompts. They don't scare me, just don't like being told what to write about.

Julie Luek said...

I think I've seen that series on Netflix and wondered if it was good-- thanks for the heads up about it.

Yay for RMFW blog and Pikes Peak-- one of my favorites as well. Mike's article today on RMFW was great.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They have a celebration for Longmire? Too funny.